5 Best Android Antivirus Throughout 2014

Android Antivirus In 2004, the first mobile phone virus has been introduced by the name of Cabir. Although the virus is not dangerous, but reported quite disturbing because often it automatically displays a message on the screen.

Viruses can work behind the scenes without known directly by the owners of smartphones. Many of the impact of its presence, making the battery and operators of internet packages to be extravagant.

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However, there are things that can be done by prevention of smartphone users. As well as installing an antivirus application. The following antivirus malware removal as well as applications for Android devices.

F-Secure Mobile Security

His experience makes PC antivirus applications, making F-Secure is so popular among the users of computing devices.The F-Secure Mobile Security brings version that can protect the device from malware and attacks through the site. In fact this application is also present to protect the bank and can block a specific phone number and SMS, users will also be given bonus access to track the presence of a smartphone if it is lost at any time.

Sophos Free Antivirus and Security

Sophos antivirus is able to keep the promise of Android users from malware attacks, which works behind the scenes and often result in battery life is reduced. Ins this antivirus the Scanning features is also available, Web Protection, and remotely lock the device when in stolen condition.

ESET Mobile Security

Many PC users who already know the big names ESET Mobile Security, it is a normal antivirus comes to PC Desktop in business class. However, ESET has applications for mobile devices. one of which was this series that functioned to maintain the security of the site. According to some reports, this antivirus detection rate of 99.7 percent is able to detect and protect from malware, and can also help to protect data when the device is stolen through SMSnya features.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast is a free antivirus, protect from spywhare and phishing for mobile devices. Others are having firewall services, as well as key features of the system remote devices and delete option, in case your phone is stolen.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security can protect Android devices against viruses, spyware, and trojans. Like the previous application, Kaspersky Internet Security also has a feature to filter calls and options to track the device in case it is lost or stolen.

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