8 Best Android Games 2014

Android Games 2014 – Within a few weeks away the turn of the year 2014 towards 2015 will soon run. Many of the events told by various media-related events in 2014, from beginning to end. So is the case with the industry smartphone. However, it is not a matter of smartphones in the era of 2014 to be written here. This time the best games on Android available for smartphones and tablets to get a high rating in the Play Store. Google has released information on the Play Store service application, discloses a collection of ‘Best Game 2014’. And in it there are as many as 104 of the best games in all categories. However some games have the best graphics and can be played on devices with medium specification.

Crazy Taxi City Rush

In this game the user will be invited to become a taxi driver who is reliable and agile to drive a car luggage. Deliver passengers with timely and safety is one way to get a point. Then, these points can be spent to decorate the vehicle becomes more attractive.

Clumsy Ninja

Game one is not to show that the actors in the game is a true ninja, the article is actually the user must train the actor to be a true ninja. Eliminate awkwardness, as well as to improve the error is the main point of this game.

World Dragon

This 3D simulation game is one game that matches played by all walks of life. Serving graphical display of feels smooth, it looks like in the real world. The mission of the game itself is to train a dragon to fly put out a large fire.

Farm Heroes Saga

Collect all the fruits and vegetables in the same column, so there is no chance of the thief fox harvest the food. And be the hero in the world of agriculture Saga Android-based games.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Just as a manager of the football team, through FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the user will be taken to build, manage and control the team became champion. There are more than 10 thousand players are provided, to be seized and purchased strengthen football team players.


One of the most RPG games are user likes of Final Fantasy. The game has been entered in the sixth series that will invite the players explore the world of heroes. Users will be the main character who has the nature of the protagonist.

Guardians of the Galaxy

As in the original film The Guardian of the Galaxy, players will be prompted to join the army as Start-Lord, Rocket, Gamora and Groot giant the tree, and Drax in their in the mission to save the five universal weapon in a battle.

Batman Arkham Origins

Games arcade is known as a game that requires dexterity player in the control process, it is not one of Batman nominated in this type of game. Imported directly from Warner Bros, Batman is told to be against criminals in Gotham City and earn money or rewards to Why upgrade The Dark Knight. Not only the story is interesting, but the presentation graphics and sound quality is quite good in this game.

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