Facebook New Features Improve the Photo Quality

Facebook launched a new feature that allows users to have the best photos on their social networks. This new feature is intended for users of the Facebook application on the iPhone.

This feature has not been rolled reportedly for iPhone users in the UK, but users in the United States has been able to sample these features. This feature allows all Facebook user’s photo will automatically be increased (enhanced).

By the time the user takes a picture with the iPhone and upload them to Facebook, the application defaults will increase the quality of the photograph. Users also have the option to adjust the lighting, shadows and sharpness of the image.

IPhone users can use this photo or feature enhancement decided to remove the feature. Users also previously been offered a choice for photo enhancement features, including Instagram-style filters.

Users who upload photos with features that make the process of uploading filter becomes longer. Photo enhancement features for Facebook application is also expected to be rolled for the Android platform.

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