How to Get Lots of Facebook Followers

How to Get Lots of Facebook Followers – Age 18+ you have on Facebook? If it is it means that you can enable the “Allow customers” or followers. Allows anyone to subscribe and get updates from your friends on Facebook, though not. Read How to Enable Facebook Followers

Your followers will be able to see and love the status or photo which you upload on Facebook although he is not friends (like Twitter). You can still control the privacy if you do not want followers you see your status or upload photos, simply by changing the privacy to Friends of Friends or Friends when will create status or upload photos. If you want to return your followers even can see , change back to the privacy of the Public.
If you do not have enough customers (followers) and want to have a lot of customers, you can follow the following way.

1. Register at the site AddMeFast.com.

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If you’ve previously registered, please Login.
2. Click Add Site/Page in the top left corner.
Add Site
Type: Facebook Followers
Countries: Worldwide
Username / ID: fill in username or your Facebook ID
Total Clicks: how many followers you want total
Daily Clicks: how many followers you want per day up to a total of

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CPC: points-per-click (every person who follows you, your points will be reduced accordingly CPC)
You need to have as many points as points in exchange or wages. This means that if someone follows you, the person will get points from you and your points will be reduced accordingly CPC. For example CPC 9, may be a lot of people who follow you because you offer a very high wages are 9 points, but it also makes your points will be quickly exhausted. But do not worry, before I’ve been posting how can a lot of points.

Earlier also I’ve been several times to discuss about AddMeFast. Please find in this blog.

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If there are less understood, may inquire via the comments below. Thank you.

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