How To Get Likes on Facebook Fan Page

How To Get Likes on Facebook Page Fan – Getting a lot Likes on Facebook Fan Page with a very short time indeed very desirable for anyone who has a Fan Page, let alone a new Fan Page. You need to know, people will just “Like” if the Fan Page Fan Page is felt nice, unique and useful.

If you have a Fan Page and still a few people who want to “Like”, other than by way of inviting your Facebook friends, you can follow the following trick to get hundreds or even thousands of people who “Like” your Fan Page Fan Page you look so popular and very popular.

1. Register at the site AddMeFast.com.

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If you are already registered, please Sign In/Login.
2. Collect as many points as later points can be exchanged with the fans.
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3. Then click the Add Site/Page to appear like the picture below.
How To Get Likes on Facebook Page Fan
4. Hint!
Type: fill with Facebook Likes.
Countries: Worldwide (meaning people from all over the world can “Like” Fan Page you through AddMeFast).
Title: fill in the name of your Fan Page.
Site/Page URL: fill in the URL of your Fan Page.
Total Clicks: how many total “Like” what you want, eg 1000.
Daily Clicks: how many “Like” what you want per day up to the total.
CPC: how many points you want to exchange for any person who “Like” your Fan Page. For example 9 points, meaning that every 1 person who “Like”, your points will be reduced by 9.
5. Click Save Changes.

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If you fill CPC 9 points, you will get a lot of “Like” quickly but points you will quickly run out and have to collect again. My advice contents of 7 points.

The point we utilize AddMeFast site to obtain Like Fan Page.
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If you have questions, please ask through the comments.Thank you.

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