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How to Register And Use AddMeFast

How to Register And Use AddMeFast | How to List AddMeFast | How To Use AddMeFast | Unlimited Trick Gets Much Like | Page / Page Facebook | Follow Twitter With AddMeFast etc – AddMeFast still a reliable program Many people wonder there is no quick way to get follow, like and others as his social media. Using AddMeFast closely related to online marketing strategy. Will be more beneficial if used for business purposes. In addition, if you want to be associated with entertainment, have a certain satisfaction. For not a few people know about this program.

1. How to Register AddMeFast

Click here To Register

Already using Facebook? Do not tell yet. Just like the list of Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. Be important when the list of sites is confirmation email. So after finishing the list with the contents of the data through the registration form, email, and password. Type the Captcha press the Sign Up button and then immediately check your email, click the link sent in AddMeFast.

How to Register And Use AddMeFast

Objective confirmation email clearly, so that it can be said you are not a robot users who register. Means nothing to do with the security of your account, so AddMeFast is a secure site, well remember which email used to register and password. Use an existing email and password easy to remember, if necessary save.

2. How to Use AddMeFast

Here I will illustrate one example is to Increase Like Facebook page, because with one instance it already represents everything. Facebook had to do with the ownership of that link facebook page that will be used here. Not able to create a Facebook page? Later posted on the next topic.

After completion registration proceed with login AddMeFast, then go to the menu or page Facebook Likes. such as the following image (click image to enlarge)

How to Register And Use AddMeFast

In the picture above there are 3 steps I sort there, 1, 2 and 3. No. 3 is the result pages of the Submit / Add Account what you want to use the feature AddMeFast, if you want to improve Facebook mean submite URL Facebook page, ex: the FB page URL belongs to I change to your page URL. Consider the following picture steps

How to Register And Use AddMeFast

Fill form as above as needed, check Contries (WORLDWIDE) if you want likes come from all over the world. Ensure fill out the form correctly, note the description of the page that I love below.

Type = type of pages you want in life such as, Facebook likes, and so forth.
Countries = state boundaries, if you want to give the state limit for likers page
Title = Title page of both the Facebook page, Twitter, etc.
Page URL = ex:
Total Clicks = limits to the number of pages you (let off)
Daily Clicks = Limits for daily clicks pages (let off)
CPC (Cost Per Click) = Cost or points that you attach to the exchange like read

Done you follow the steps above, go to the My Sites page to start doing activities there. The trick notice as follows,

How to Register And Use AddMeFast

In step no. 1 drawn there Pause or Play button. When selected Play activities like automatically apply there, so you can continue to flood the tidurpun like fb page. However, note the number of points AddMeFast yours. For new customers can typically 50 bonus points, meaning could Plug Play button. 0 points can be at Play but points will -points means -like or no like. Recommendations click the pause button when the 0 point then increase point, many new point play.

At no. 2 you can set the amount of the CPC you. If a large number of points on the CPC attach slightly larger than the maximum amount eg 4-10, but if minimal points must also be minimal pairs CPC (CPC Posting Techniques). Function No. 3 and 4 clicks later you will know what function do 😀

3. How to Obtain Point AddMeFast

In principle the same as getting points here Like Exchange means the exchange of like, but it is done automatically through the transmission or AddMeFast as liaison between customer A (you) and B (others). See the following way

How to Register And Use AddMeFast 3

Sign into Facebook Likes see page page views as above, notice that I circled. Get 3 Points means that when you click on the Like button no. 2 will be taken to a page other customers continue to click like the page finishes like waiting min 1 s / d 3 seconds and then close, if all pages should be able to automatically close the 3 point because preceded automatically close does not count points. Do so on for the amount of points you collect.

For active users, finished like other customers fb page (at least 20 processes like) into the page Daily Bonus to check atif / whether or not the bonus, if you can actively bonus 200/20 like there will be a button as shown below click the Get Daily Bonus ago reload page score increases + number of previous points.

Hope to here first can make you imagine or understand how the system works AddMeFast program. So much and thank you. 🙂



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