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Dropbox App Available on Windows Phone

Dropbox app is now available in the Windows Phone platform. The presence of the Dropbox app on Windows Phone allows users to share data.

Microsoft Devices has announced the application of cloud-based data storage, Dropbox, for the Windows Phone platform. With the explosion in the use of data and mobile devices globally, millions of people in the world to switch to Dropbox and Office to access, organize, and merge their files anytime and anywhere.

Windows Phone users will have several advantages such as access, edit and share files from Office applications directly from Dropbox. Thus, this facilitate and accelerate the users to share files and synchronized between devices.

In addition, photographs of users will be automatically stored in Dropbox, so users do not have to worry about losing their pictures. By marking files to the list of “favorite”, the user will still be able to access their data although not connected to the Internet.

Users can access their two Dropbox accounts at once, either personal accounts or accounts work. More than 1.2 billion people use Office to complete its work, and Dropbox has become home to 35 billion files of Office. This collaboration will allow users in the office, home and school in order to be able to share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with ease.

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