Facebook and Instagram Attacked by Hacker

Some websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Tinder service has been restored since reported an induced down-known hacker, The Lizard Squad. As is known, on Monday or January 26, 2015, The Lizard Squad group or hacker bearing lizard had a chance to deface the website Malaysia airlines.

The website and the mobile version of each website experience down for about 45 minutes. The culprit, Lizard Squad has also been acting up on Christmas day with a cyber attack on the service Play station Network and Xbox Live.

As reported by CBS LosAngeles, the hacker group responsible for the attack Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. “We realize that many people are currently experiencing difficulty accessing Facebook and Instagram. We are working to restore normal as soon as possible,” Facebook said in a statement at the time of the attack is still ongoing.

Upon the occurrence of cyber attacks, crowded on Twitter with the hash-tag #facebookdown.

Facebook has 1.25 billion monthly active users as of the end of September 2014. While Instagram photo service has 300 million monthly active users with a total of 70 million photos uploaded per day.


Facebook and Instagram reportedly impaired as a result of the act of hackers claiming to be The Lizard Squad . For the incident, the user will not be able to access social media for almost an hour.

As reported by V3 , Tuesday (27/01/2015), Hacker Group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for cyber attacks. However, the claim is directly contradicted by the Facebook which said the disruption was not due hacked, but an error in the internal system.

“Earlier this afternoon a lot of people have trouble accessing Facebook and Instagram. This is not the result of a third party attacks, but the opposite happened after we introduced the system configuration changes that affect us,” said the party up.

Furthermore, the artificial social networking media Marc Zuckerberg explained his team moved quickly to fix the problem. Their service has returned 100 percent and users can access the back up to normal.

Facebook does not guarantee its website hacked by hackers. However, Lizard Squad admitted through chirp on Twitter that his party who carried out the attack. Hackers who was acting to deface the website Malaysia airlines it also claimed to have attacked the websites of other services such as Tinder, AIM, and Hipchat.

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