Samsung Mobile Introduces High Speed ​​Internet

What Does Mean word Samsung?

Who is familiar with the name Samsung. South Korean manufacturer has become one of the most famous produced a wide range of electronic products. TV, home theater to a variety of smart phones produced. But do you know the meaning of the word ‘Samsung’ real?

Reporting from Phone Arena (1/4), the word ‘Samsung’ is taken from the local language. Samsung is taken from two words, Sam and Sung. Both have their own sense of the word. Sam means ‘three’ and Sung means ‘star’. The combination of both literally means’ three star ‘(three stars) or “tristar’.

In the language of Hanja, Samsung means large, numerous and powerful (mean of ‘sung’ hanja) and eternal (interpreted from ‘sung’ hanja). If interpreted everything, means something big, strong and enduring embedded as this brand DNA.

Said three star himself had applied Samsung first time this company operates. Three star became the logo in the 1930s.

Now, Samsung has hired 236 thousand employees in 79 countries around the world. Samsung also now successfully become a valuable company

Samsung Mobile Introduces High Speed ​​Internet

Samsung Mobile Electronics will add a new line of phones flagship tick, the Galaxy Note 4. Smartphone will come with support for tri-band LTE-A which is the fastest technology in the world in terms of internet access.

Samsung mobile will release Galaxy Note 4 to the ability of the fastest internet in the world this week. Tri-band LTE-A itself three times faster than the LTE-A service that has the speed of downloading 300 Mbps. That means it only takes 28 seconds to download movies 1 GB in size.

Unfortunately, Samsung mobile phones claim is only available on the domestic market. Because the release of those came when the three domestic operators offer services tri-band LTE-A.

“We’re at final stages of fine-tuning the release tri-band LTE-A Note 4, including a subsidy for mobile operators, “said the Samsung Electronics.

Nevertheless, Samsung Electronics is reportedly not going to hold a press conference for the tri-band LTE Note 4. In contrast with it, rival LG Electronics reportedly will hold a press conference on February 22 at its headquarters, Yeouido, related models G Flex 2 to feature tri -band LTE-A.

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