Technology Crowded in 2015-2020

Technology Crowded in 2015-2020. Ericsson revealed that at least there will be a number of technology trends that will prevail in 2015. Some of them are adopted Smartphone and Smart City.

According to the result of a research, consumers showed a high interest to have a dream home with sensors that are able to recognize problems in electricity and water.

While on the smart city or Smart City, according to Thomas it is a very interesting thing. “A lot of intelligence that actually occur as a side effect of a change in people’s daily behavior. The Internet gives us more information, just turn us make better decisions,” he said when presenting the study in the presence of reporters.

Furthermore, he said, consumers believe will map the volume of traffic, the use of energy and technology applications comparative examination of water quality in real time, which is predicted to be very common in 2020.

Then the digital wallet service or mobile payment. Approximately 48 percent of smartphone users prefer to use their mobile phones as a means of payment for goods and services. Approximately 80 percent believe smartphones will replace the conventional wallet in 2020.

Consumers also welcomed the idea to have a robot maid to relieve their daily tasks at home. Approximately 64 percent believe it will be very common at 5 the next five years.

The use of smartphones and smart devices as a measure of health will be more booming. Applications for jogging, heart rate detection, and food calorie counters are believed to extend the life of a person for up to two years per application.

It is also not less unique,  the sharing of economic trends. This idea refers to the trend of smartphone users who lease vacant space, private household appliances and entertainment equipment does not interfere with their long and capable of generating money.

According to him, the idea of ​​sharing economy has great potential because penguin have the convenience of the internet for a variety of information more efficiently in the future.

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