How to Control Android From Computer

Control Android from computer will be easier for you to do things that are usually done in your Android smartphone without having to hold or touch it. By controlling the Android via computer, of course, can reduce the activity of using the Android while being busy in front of the screen. TeamViewer is not just only use for remote control a PC from a PC but also can be done from your Android device with easy way and free. To be able to control computer or laptop from the Android, you need the TeamViewer software with the same version.

Steps How Remote Android from PC

1. Download and Install TeamViewer QuickSupport Android and For PC Download TeamViewer
2. Open TeamViewer QuickSupport already on Install on your Android. Wait a minute until the ID you appear there.

How to Control Android Smartphone From Computer

This ID is used to ensure that Android smartphones are Android you want to control is yours, no one else’s.

9. Wait a minute until all the process is completed. after completed you can control your Android directly from the computer. Here are the results.

How to Control Android Smartphone From Computer 6

This way, you can control your Android via computer. Good Luck!

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