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How to Protect Adsense From Click Bombing in Urdu/Hindi

If you are a blogger conscious, so that you would know that Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money online. But to get the money through Adsense is not a simple task such as many distractions come that can ruin your adsense account. Click the bomb is one of the interruptions that can stop your income from Adsense, from the last few years many Adsense account has been banned because it causes click bombing.

What is Click Bomb?

Click bombing is just a dangerous activity where you have too many clicks from some specific IP address on your Google adsense Ads. Mostly was not deliberately hurt your Adsense account but very few times might inadvertently. For example, let a few people regularly click on the same ad for more than 10 times in just one minute it will know with a click bombing.

This could happen to anyone, so we must pay attention to our adsense account and check harmful activities or have too many clicks. Many times it is found that a competitor or rival perform such kind of dangerous activity because they want you to go down. As sites grow larger and increase the spammers, haters, and of course the terrorists from Google Adsense “bomber click”. The fact is, I’m scared and I do not want it to happen to me or to you too that’s why today I will share with you some of the best work procedures to protect your Google Adsense Account from Click Bombing.

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