How to Restore Deleted Files on Android

Restore Deleted Files on Android – Almost 80% of mobile users use smartphones android. But sometimes we accidentally delete some important files or data. Looks Like many people using android and store important data they use everyday. But what if You delete the data on your android? On the PC you can recover the data when you remove it you can easily restore it from Recycle Bin but sometimes when you delete a file permanently on your PC then you can easily recover them with the service drive recovery/hard tool.

Back to my post “How to Recover Deleted Files From Android “. You can also recover android data by means of recovery as usual there are a lot of software available on the internet at certain things but how to choose the best among them? So, today I share the best android top data recovery tool. I also use this tool to recover my deleted data.

1. Dumpster

Dumpster is the same as the Recycle Bin on your desktop computer. This is one of the best tool to recover accidentally deleted files from Android Smartphone. It can recover all deleted files on android. It is also very easy to use because it interfaces welcoming the user’s have the following features:

  • Restore deleted pictures, music files, videos.
  • Undelete files (pdf, mp3, doc, avi, jpg, txt, etc).
  • Restore deleted files with a single tap.
  • Preview images deleted before recovering.
  • Backup File Auto-clean at a certain period.
  • The internet connection is not at all necessary.
  • No need to root your device.

You can easily restore files with garbage you should just follow the procedure below:

Step 1: First of all go to the application.
Step 2: Where you can see all your deleted files.
Step 3: Tap on the file you want to restore.
Step 4: Now just select the Restore Button.
Step 5: Finish your deleted files is Restored.

Note: It can recover only when already installed on your android before deleting your files/data.

So, this is all about restoring the data / files from device android. Any help just comment below I will try my best to help you. Thanks!

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