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How to use Long Tail Pro Keyword Research in Urdu/Hindi

What is the Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains three or more then three words. People use to find the most appropriate answer. These keywords have less competition and they are more relevant and considered less popular because of the volume of searches. Here are two examples for long tail keywords “what are the steps for optimization on the blog” and “How can to create lightweight and fast loading blog”.

Why use long tail keywords for SEO?
There are three benefits and suitable reason for you to use it.

  • Long tail keywords are less competitive
    Yes it is! To gain organic search traffic for your site.
  • Reach targeted audience using Long Tail Keywords.
    It’s about getting targeted traffic. People use two short key words for only informative purposes. For example, the user query “Samsung Android” Google is know all about Samsung. To Rank for this keyword is really waste of time and is not possible because Wikipedia, and other high PR sites on top the search results page.
  • Long Tail Keywords relevant
    When the user query in the search box using the long keywords, they will get the most relevant results as well. Google will sort the most relevant results for the searcher. Looking for answers and search queries are most likely to satisfy the long keyword. Better and easier to get the best results. So try to determine the best results and it is important to use long tail keywords.

Here is Video Tutorial How to use Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool in Urdu/Hindi


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