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How to use Skype Web Service 2015

Skype Web Service or Skype works directly from your browser, Microsoft has improved the client application Skype, making it available to more users, regardless of their platform devices.

The company introduced the Skype for Web – A new service that enables anyone to communicate with friends, family and his other contacts without having to install Skype. The service works in a browser, offering a familiar user interface and familiar functionality.

While Skype for Web service is only available to a limited group of users, but in the coming weeks it will be released to the public. Service already supports web-browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome for Windows, Firefox and Safari; In addition, Microsoft assures that the product can be operated from any browser.

“In the future, the use of Skype on the network will become even easier and more convenient. For example, you will need to meet with the school your child’s teacher or to interview candidates for the post. You can do it in just one click, calling Skype via their browser. Thanks to real-time communication, no downloading and installing the software is not required – you immediately start talking,”- said in an official statement on the release of Microsoft Skype for Web. At the moment Skype for Web service is in beta status.

How to use Skype Web Service in Pakistan?

After Click on Install Skype Plugin Option this page will be open.

How to use Skype Web Service 2015

Now you are ready to use web service. Video or voice calls to their loved ones and friends and tell them about the great service.

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