Play/Next Android App – Youtube Videos Without Ads!

Play/Next Android App – Youtube Videos Without Ads!

Play/Next Android App – Youtube Videos Without Ads! – Well, one of my friends developed an android application for youtube videos without ads. Yes, the name is Play/Next.

People like to know about new products but not always specially, when they want no disturbance – watching a video – and so, they prefer for such videos which could fulfill their demand within no irritating ads by youtube. Keeping this concept in the mind and ease for playing the youtube videos in a different, easy to handle, and without draining out the battery; my friend developed this android application.

As the name suggests, it is quite as easy as to play and next the video. So, I thought to give a review on this app after utilizing it in my own mobile! Let’s get through the app with some pictorial way!

Play/Next Android App is designed to be in active color combinations i-e orange, grey and white. A few other colors are also used as just a touch. Here is the splash screen formally known as start up screen for android app named as Play/Next.

Play/Next Android App - Youtube Videos without Ads

Play/Next Android App – Youtube Videos without Ads

Play/Next Login or Sign up Screen

Play/Next Login or Sign up Screen

Here I go with Log In or Sign up screen which gives you access to the application features.

It looks like an active screen with responsive layout! Isn’t this cool? Why Not?

  • Log in to the app else if you are not having an account then, simply sign up for an account on this application and get access to all features at zero cost at all. Sign up is too easy and you can set up your privacy at sign up level which you can also change later!

Register at Play/Next Youtube Video App

Register at Play/Next Youtube Video App


Play/Next Youtube Video App Forgotten Password

Play/Next Youtube Video App Forgotten Password

Play/Next Youtube Video App Password Reset

Play/Next Youtube Video App Password Reset





If you have forgotten your password, simply request for the new one and get in your inbox like other apps!

Play/Next App Profile Notifications Play/Next Edit ProfilePlay/Next Change Profile Picture

Play/Next Application is good enough for its quite simplified features! Yes, you can modify your profile contents including your profile picture, your display name and email. Plus, a good feature is you can keep your account public or private!

All the options are in your account’s settings which you can easily access with a button placed at the top right corner. Probably,three vertical bold dots. That’s pretty nice!


Play/Next Friend RequestsPlay/Next Friends ListsPlay/Next Add Friends

The most desired feature by people is  available in PLAY/NEXT Youtube Videos Player Application!

When you are on-line and want to be in contact with your friends within your youtube player then, Play/Next is here for you to add friends and share the words with them easily in simple way!

My Friends Tab plays the respective role for this purpose! I found it really good!

Play/Next App Profile NotificationsPlay/Next Video PrivacyPlay/Next User Comments

Hmm, as youtube allows you to comment and like the videos; same is the Play/Next Application! You can add new video from Youtube and people also you, can add comments. Moreover, you can make your video private or public as you like! Cheers!

Play/Next Youtube Videos Player Android Application
  • Responsive by design and easy to navigate..
  • No Ads like in youtube original videos…
  • Distraction free youtube video playing..
  • Simplified features at no cost at all..
  • Keeps the user connected with other users in tabs..

and much more…

Play/Next youtube Video Player Comments Play/next Youtube Videos Player
Play/Next Sharing Play/Next Sharing Feature Play/Next Notifications

No doubt, the property of sharing videos is common in all of the applications and platforms these days! And so, it is more easy to share videos from Play/Next App then to share from Youtube itself! It saves your time and keeps your status everywhere on-line if you have kept it on public! Chill up with the App!

Play/Next Google Plus SharingPlay/Next Sharing with PeoplePlay/next Sharing

Well, as you can see! Play/Next youtube

player application is full of features you

want at most. It doesn’t drains out your

battery nor, it always slows down your

mobile with updates like you-tube.

 Quite well properties are making this app

unique and good to user ends!

Play/Next Youtube Video Player Application Google Play Store

Well, I tried to explain some of the cool features by Play/Next Android Application which I used myself and so, gave a review here for you all! I hope, everyone will like this application as it not only gives you access to youtube videos but also, replaces your players of youtube!

Now, enjoy the you tube in a different way with friends! Keep sharing and enjoying this application as It costs you nothing! Play/Next Android Application for Youtube Videos Playing! Have a good day!


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