Paypal‬ Business Accounts Officially Available for Pakistani?

Okay, so here is a big News. You ll hear news that PayPal Supports Pakistan Now. But its a half truth.
Pakistan is listed in Country list of PayPal when signing up for PayPal Business Account, but its actually not added in PayPal Country Allowed list. So dont get exited yet.

Paypal‬ Business Accounts Officially Available for Pakistani Few of the fellas gave calls to PayPal, talked to high authorities, different departments, but its yet not confirmed, even PayPal Authorities are confused about this and not sure if its really officially released for pakistan. So they requested every one to contact Tech Support Team of PayPal via Ticket System so they can confirm.
Why Pakistan is listed in Country List of PayPal while Signing up?
Well, there can be several reasons,

  1. It is a Technical Fault, and they ll fix anytime soon.
  2. They are working on their systems to add Pakistan in Allowed Country List and slowly updating their System.
  3. Or it is a Bug.

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So dont get excited until unless you read an official blog post of PayPal or their Tech Staff Reply to one of the fella’s Support Ticket and confirm that PayPal is coming to Pakistan.
So sit tight and pray grin emoticon
Cheers 🙂

Credit to: Ahtsham Jutt

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