Trends in Mobile Wireless Charging Technology

Trends in Mobile Wireless Charging Technology

Trends in Mobile Wireless Charging Technology – The growth of the smartphone until super phone increased significantly, this growth is also claimed to be the area with the growth of other devices. As well as the power supply device or wireless charge, is expected to also increasing large.

Kitchen runway stronger, greater storage and higher screen resolution, a basic factor driving this growth. The need for battery energy is increasingly more important, but the charging system is urgent energy market presents a wireless charging device.

IHS research agencies reported a new record in 2014 ago, the wireless charger has reached up to 55 million units. The organization claims there will be a surge that increased to reach 201 million units in 2015.

Increased growth, claimed also because of the vendors like Samsung is so aggressively bring a smartphone with wireless charging capabilities, such as Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Both of these devices have the support of PMA and QI as the standard for wireless charging.

In addition, Samsung also will add up to 5 variants of other smartphone that supports wireless charging technology. Industrial wireless charger device reportedly will increase revenue by USD1,7 billion this year, and that revenue will also estimated to increase to $ 15 billion by 2024.

Unfortunately, the existing constraints of wireless charging is still constrained because of smartphones still have to close the filling medium ( charger ). So less free as well as the charger is still using a cable, but new technologies are being developed by Energous and Ossia Cota will develop wireless charging with a distance of 15 meters.

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