10 Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Optimization

10 Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Optimization – Search engines like Google are things that still ranks first, when someone wants to find something even solving the problem. There are many people around you who say “Search in Google”.

10 Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Optimization

1st Error: Ignoring UI/UX

UI ( User Interface ) and UX ( User Experience ) is fundamental in breaking down a website in the eyes of the Search Engine .

User Interface in a blog, covering how a blog or web presentation that is easily understood how it works.

User Experience is how the visitor experience in understanding our blog. Order of the language, the solutions offered , etc. .

The better UI/UX  blog/website, the visitors will feel comfortable browse through page after web page, even going back for the umpteenth time .

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2nd Mistake: Slow Blog Accessed

If you have a fast internet, do not equate with your visitors. There are many those who visit your blog to creep speed. The longer your blog is opened, the faster the visitors will leave your blog .

My advice, avoid aggravating widget even useful. For example, clock widget. To what clock widget installed, yet our blog visitors have the watch in front of them, on their screen, That’s just an example, please attach the widget to our blog purposes .

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