10 Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Optimization

10 Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Optimization – Search engines like Google are things that still ranks first, when someone wants to find something even solving the problem. There are many people around you who say “Search in Google”.

10 Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Optimization

1st Error: Ignoring UI/UX

UI ( User Interface ) and UX ( User Experience ) is fundamental in breaking down a website in the eyes of the Search Engine .

User Interface in a blog, covering how a blog or web presentation that is easily understood how it works.

User Experience is how the visitor experience in understanding our blog. Order of the language, the solutions offered , etc. .

The better UI/UX  blog/website, the visitors will feel comfortable browse through page after web page, even going back for the umpteenth time .

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2nd Mistake: Slow Blog Accessed

If you have a fast internet, do not equate with your visitors. There are many those who visit your blog to creep speed. The longer your blog is opened, the faster the visitors will leave your blog .

My advice, avoid aggravating widget even useful. For example, clock widget. To what clock widget installed, yet our blog visitors have the watch in front of them, on their screen, That’s just an example, please attach the widget to our blog purposes .


3rd Mistake: Not Concern with Social Media

Social Media is an important thing for the popularity of a website, because the link on Facebook , Twitter , and other social networks ? In fact, reportedly, some Search Engines such as Google use algorithms that enable a web/blog on the first page, when accessed from many SosMed .

4th Mistake: Blog Content Without Value

Search engines detect how much of the article to solve a problem, it means that you write the article meant for visitors, it will be good also in the eyes of search engines .

It also means that when we make an article, there will be a solution that is more than an article on another blog. If you can not do this, it means what you write you do not master it, more bad again copy and paste the results .

Blog this kind of blog that will eventually seek fame , Air Page Rang high , and put a link on these blogs , hoping to visit from the great blog .

5th Mistake: Putting Search Engines than offline

Assumption is wrong when an article filled with keywords to rank on the first page of the search . Yes … may at first be so occupied pages in the first, but the type of visitors already know the characteristics of the web , then I guarantee there will be no visitors who want to return to the blog .

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6th Mistake: URL Irregularly

Among the things that cause irregular URLs are:

The number of pages that are identical or resemble – This is usually caused because no control of the content of the blog , copy and paste eventually a lot going on the same article .

Dynamic URLs – Many tutorial which states that the dynamic meta tags is very good for SEO, but it will confuse the search engines to understand the structure of your blog . With Meta tags dynamically  resulting in a dynamic URL as well . Ideally, a web / blog , only the H1 tag for the blog title and only one . However, when using dynamic Meta tags , title of the posting will be H1 , it is not recommended .

URLs are not perfect – Usually this happens because the title is too long , so the URL will be truncated . For example , you create an article with the title : How The Most Powerful and Easy Gets One Ranking in Google , when you publish the URL will be truncated , eg :

To overcome these problems , there are two alternatives , the first use of short titles , both use a special permanent link provided by Blogger .

Redirect – Redirect or divert one page to another page. For blogspot users convenience it has been given by the parties bloggers. This will cause the Search Engines to read the new URL .

7th Mistake: Not Claiming Ownership Google+

Google+ is Google’s social networking , therefore, did the authorization of ownership on your blog . With ownership meklaim blog , it will increase the trust google on the blog and we will display the avatar on the Google search .

Among the ways to claim ownership , by storing meta tags publisher on our blog , example
<link href=’′ rel=’publisher’/>

8th Mistake: Building Links Too Fast.

Among the things that strengthen our position in the Search Engine is link building . But the link is too fast , such as by using a link exchange software , very dangerous . google understand it is not realistic .

Good links are links that are built with natural , instead of the link manipulation .

9th Mistake: Not Concerned with Content Marketing

According to SEO experts, content marketing needs to do well in social networking, email, forums etc. But also avoid spamming . Marketing content does not mean spam. Content marketing means introduce your articles to my friends , community etc

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Suppose we use Facebook to introduce or tell article that we make , call your FB friends numbering 800 people . Take 10 % they visit your link , then your link will go up in the eyes of Search Engines .

Error 10: Following Instructions are Wrong

Many articles about SEO scattered on the internet, you should be able to pick and choose even should the consultation to people who have understand SEO. Not pseudo tutorials presented correctly. Just look at points 1 , 4 and 5 . How many blogs are presenting a tutorial , without understanding what he actually wrote, because the article is garbage, etc. Copas. [/sociallocker]

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