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STEAL THE TRAFFIC Trick Part 1- Keyword Targetting On Youtube

STEAL THE TRAFFIC Trick Part 1- Keyword Targetting On Youtube!

Let’s steal the traffic of other youtube videos !!!

Now as I had promised yesterday, I am revealing the way I use tags to target keywords on Youtube and how one can steal other videos’ traffic. So what do we need here? Well, nothing much. Just keep reading this.

So, yeah, now let’s focus upon – How to use keywords to steal traffic on Youtube?
Step 1 : Upload videos to youtube.
If you have your own video of a niche that people search, upload it. If you don’t have a video of your own, use the trick I had posted yesterday about how can you get free videos for your youtube partner account.
Step 2 : Now comes the best part : Giving proper title, description and keywords to videos so that you can get more views than your competitor.
Before you do that, know that keyword must be wisely selected. I am telling you which tool to use to find out proper and targetable keywords. For that, you must use CHROME Browser.
Step 3: Download the attachment that I am providing here. Now install that to your browser. ( Link – vidIQ Vision for YouTube )
Step 4: Now before you upload a video, search for the keyword that you are targeting on Youtube and se which videos come on top. Now what happens in that you can see keywords that give those videos traffic the most below the videos in the list.
Step 5 : Now, make list of such keywords.
Step 6 : We aren’t yet done. Add those keywords in the description as well as in the tags option while uploading video information.
Step 7 : Use the keyword that comes in most of the video and type it in the Youtube search box, Do not search for it, instead just wait for the suggestions that youtube shows. For example – when you search for “Shahrukh Khan”, you see suggestions like – Shahrukh Khan Movies, Shahrukh Khan Speech, Shahrukh Khan Interview… and more. So keep repeating this until you get a proper LONG SEARCH TERM which you can use as title.
Step 8: For tags, use the extension to get suggestions. It will also suggest you list of highest searched term in last 30 days, 1 year and lifetime respectively.
Finalize your video and upload it on Youtube. Wait for 4 days and see the growth of your video. After 4 days, you will have to do a little more edit in the information to get additional traffic which I will reveal later. Keep tuned to my posts and you can follow me on facebook.

Keep uploading, Keep earning.

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