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I don’t understand why people do pay less value to Hosted Google Adsense Accounts! This is insane ! I bet using this trick, you can make more money from Hosted account than you normally make from Adsense For Content.

Youtube – It’s the river of coins grin emoticon

To use this trick you need a youtube account, and nothing else! No videos! Really!

So what to do once you’ve made an account on Youtube?
Just follow these steps :

Step 1 : Sign In To your youtube account.

Step 2 : Click on Upload button and then in the download page, you don’t
need to upload any video. Instead, you have to click on the Video Editor option in the right bottom of the page.

Step3 : Now use the power of CREATIVE COMMONS! Go to the (cc) button that you see in the video editor page. Click on it.

Step4 : Now, you can search for copyrighted-free videos there. Now search for topic related to currently trending videos on youtube and find a related copyright-free video.

Step5 : Do a little edit like ‘Black and white’ and then click on Final button to upload the video.

Step6 : Congrats, your video is live on youtube.

Step7 : Now add proper keywords to the video. For keywords, type first two words in the search bar and check what youtube suggests. Use those ‘Long-Tail keywords in your title, description and tags.

Step8 : Keep descriptions long because this is what Youtube gets idea from. Keyword density, that too matters!

Step9: Always use a custom thumbnail for the video, so upload appealing thumbnails so that your video seems to be official.

Step10 : Now Monetize your account to get a hosted adsense account,. It takes hardly 10 minutes for adsense to approve a Hosted adsense account. You must verify your mobile number to do this.

Step11 : Monetize the uploaded video and enjoy!

PS – More videos you upload, more is the chance of at least one video going viral. Try finding longer copyright-free videos as long videos have better RPM and CTR.
For more, inbox me. Happy to help smile emoticon

STEAL THE TRAFFIC Trick Part 1- Keyword Targetting On Youtube

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