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A Case Study for RRB Non-technical result Event

Railway Released NTPC recruitment for 18,252 vacancies. And we came to know that more than 93 lac (9.3 Million) aspirants applied for the exam. It clicked event blogger part of my mind.

Exam dates were revealed and exams were to be conducted from 28 March-30 April 2016. So we decided to target its result.

We registered an EMD on 2nd Feb 2016 before anyone else would do.

*********What did we do before making the website live?*********

Did some research on how the RRB result was being searched lately.

I came to know that “RRB result” do have less searches than the region wise result (Like RRB Patna Result, RRB Allahabad Result etc) and Post wise result (like RRB ASM Result, RRB Goods Guard result etc). So it was better to focus all 21 regions of RRB and all posts separately.

I asked writing team to create

1 Article for result of each region. That makes 21 Articles for 21 regions. (500 words each)

1 Article for result of each post (ASM, CA, TA etc). That makes 10 articles for 10 posts. (500 words each)

1 article for cut off of each post (ASM, CA, TA etc). That makes 10 more articles for 10 individual posts. (500 words each)

1 article for Merit list (600 Words)

1 article for Landing page of RRB cut off marks (1000 words)

1 Article for RRB Answer key (500 words)

1 Article for Static Homepage (1200 words)

This is how it started with 45 already written contents in hand. Only thing left was to start working.

***************************Making it Live***************************

On 9th Feb 2016, we hosted the website on GoDaddy Dedicated server. It took one hour for Appearance, Plugins, permalink structure and all things to be done.

Theme Used: Frontier

*********Plugins Used*********

Akismet for Spam Comments

All in one SEO pack (Free Version)

Google XML Sitemaps (For Sitemap)

Jetpack (for Subscriber, related posts and a lot more features), but it slow down the website a bit.

“WP Super Cache” for Caching.

I started with these five basic plugins. More plugins –> More crap

***************************Publishing Part***************************

Created a page and used it for Homepage and published 4 articles on the spot. Left it for a while and then Submitted website to GWT and manually fetched the URLs of these articles with homepage. We created Google Analytics account to track searches and traffic.

In event blogging, one of the most important thing is how you manage publishing of your articles. Like, we knew we had only 45 contents and it’s almost 2 months for completion of exam. So, we need to publish articles frequently. So here is what we usually follow and followed in this case also.

I published 5 content (4 articles+1 page) on very first day.
3 contents on 2nd day

2 contents on 3rd day

1 content on 4th day

And then published 1 content on alternative days with the best OnPage and Interlinking I know.

******************What We Decided to Index******************

I kept Posts, Pages, Search terms and Tags indexed. While categories were non-indexed.

******************For Off page******************

This is all about content, now comes the ranking part.

Social Signals and Backlinks are must to target such event. Big news websites and already established websites were targeting it because it was worth targeting.

For Backlinks: Started from 2nd March 2016, Type of backlinks created are

#Comment backlinks (Dofollow/Nofollow mixed)

#Contextual links
#4-5 Dofollow Directory

#Sitewide before 1 month of event (create such link before 3-4 days of event, We had to do it because result date was not confirmed )

For Social Signals: We used Social Locking and shared manually on social networks like G+, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Linkedin,, Delicious, Digg. Eventually, Even homepage got more than 2.9K FB Shares, 700+ Google Plus Shares, 300 tweets.

******************Did We get Ranking?******************

Most of the articles achieved first page ranking but not on top. We kept the process going.

25th March 2016: Website reached 100 visits/day. These searches were coming from the aspirants who have been in the exam already as exam was conducted in many shifts.

5th April 2016: All articles were published and daily traffic increased to 1200 visits/day.

*********All articles are published. So what now? *********

This is where most bloggers do the mistake. They just focus on backlinks after this stage, which is one of the biggest mistakes of event blogging.

What We did is that, We kept adding 100 more words to two article daily and update it. Added 200 more words to homepage every week and interlinked all articles to homepage and homepage to articles with proper anchor.

Ranking improved again. Website was in top 3 for almost every keyword.

1st May 2016: Website reached 10k visits/day. Alexa was improving. To avoid more competitors, we blocked Alexa bot.

17th May 2016: We were well aware of the potential of this event. So I asked Arun Singh to optimize DO and moved this website from Godaddy to DO. And you all know how Good Arun is 🙂 , Thousand thanks to you brother.

*********What Did We do to achieve #1 from top 3?*********

We followed same strategy. Kept adding content and updating with offpage.

1st June 2016: Traffic crossed 30k visits/day. Achieved position 1 for almost every keyword possible. At this point, We stopped creating backlinks.

Now One thing we did more. We targeted cut off marks for each region also. We did not publish new articles for cut off of each RRB region. We added 200 more words/article for cut off marks to each article which was created for result of a particular region.

By doing so, We got ranked for cut off marks for each region also and ranking for each keyword became solid as diamond.

By the end of June 2016: Daily traffic crossed 40k and everything was smooth.

******************Did it remain the same until the End?******************

No, because some giant websites were trying everything of their pocket to achieve #1 spot. For All regions and Posts wise result, Our ranking remained stable but homepage started losing some spots.

13th July 2016: Homepage ranking dropped from #1 to #3. I asked team to add some content and make changes in Description of Homepage. Placed a link back to homepage from every article’s ABOVE THE FOLD part.

17th July 2016: Ranked #1 again.

Because of the release of answer key and rumors of result dates, Sometimes traffic crossed 150k/day. Indian CPC was quite low so RPM wasn’t that good but was better than all other networks.

Ranking kept the same July-October 2016. Searches remained fluttering.

******************November 2016: It was coming close******************

Result day was not fixed, So we created some Sitewide links from same niche website. Result was being postponed each week, so searches became less. Subscribers of website crossed 25k , So We made use of them also. We published some new articles with just a table full of links as content. 25k People gets the mail every time we post something new. So, It helped getting 4-10k extra visits daily.

We also published some recruitment and other articles to grab some extra traffic and keep the website updated.

From the third week of November 2016, Ranking of homepage started fluctuating between #1-5 . But, we did not care that much, Because this keyword was not which we were targeting. Regions wise and post wise ranking was standing tall throughout the year.

1st December 2016: Homepage ranking got dropped to #5 for some keywords and #3 for others. But what we needed, was ranked already. We added some content to homepage again.

*********Here Comes the Event day : 7th December 2016*********

Actually, No-one knew that the result will be published on 7th, So we were out for some other work.

Around 7:00 PM, I get to know that the result is released just now. None of my Employee and anyone from us (Brothers) was there to increase Server RAM and Notice the traffic.

I called my Nephew and instructed him to do so. We put DigitalOcean on Maximum Configuration. This process caused 3-4 minutes of downtime.

We tried to check traffic stats from Google Analytics App from mobile but signal was fu**ed up. So, We again called Nephew to either take screenshot or record it. The Screenshot shown below were taken by him. We don’t know whether real-time traffic went more higher or not.

We came back office around 11:30 PM. Ranking was stable for all regions. But, we updated articles again to keep it more promising. We got huge traffic on 8th December and still (9th Dec 2016) Real time is more than 1K.

We asked our competitor about his real time. He told that he did not get more than 5k real time. But we crossed More than 78k even when his homepage was ranking better than ours. This is why you should research well before targeting an event.

This was because results were being searched for each region and post separately. And for these keywords, First top 2-3 links were from our website only (Now first spot for region wise searched is occupied by official website, But post wise is still the same). Also Official website does not load on event days, their server crashes.

******************So here are the stats of this event******************

Maximum RT we noticed: 78,459 (Screenshot 1 & 2)

A Case Study for RRB Non-technical result Event

Combined Traffic of 7th & 8th December As per GA (Event days): 6,758,213 Visits / 24,540,701 PageViews

All time traffic: 16,356,869 Visits / 54,589,645 Pageviews

Event Day Earning [7th Dec 12:00 PM to 8th Dec 11:59 AM (24 hours)]: 17,366.95 USD (Screenshot 3)

A Case Study for RRB Non-technical result Event

All time Earning (5th April-9th Dec 2016 till now): 69,101.12 USD (Screenshot 4)

Case Study by: Ravinder Kadian

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