Features of Latest WhatsApp Update 2017 [Major UI Improvements]

WhatsApp Inc has been producing updates regularly starting with the astonishing WhatsApp Stories Update which eliminated Old WhatsApp Text Status, and now it Old WhatsApp Text Status is back alongside WhatsApp Stories. This is not all, WhatsApp is all set to improve the current working user interface with major improvements on the looks that are more appealing.

With the Beta version of WhatsApp being pushed, one can experience all the latest features of WhatsApp that are to be seen in the upcoming updates by WhatsApp. Dual WhatsApp is now made legal after which people can install two Whatsapp on Same Android phone, both being original.

Top Hidden Features of WhatsApp Update 2017

Features of Latest WhatsApp Update 2017

  • First and the foremost thing is, WhatsApp Text Status is now back with the new update of WhatsApp, although it may be officially released after pushing up two or more updates that are based on WhatsApp UI Improvements. But, beta version of WhatsApp has already featured WhatsApp Text Status feature back into power.
  • Major Improvements in the placement of Create New Text button is seen. Now this is what I call as perfect Material User Interface design that can be seen in the new updates.
  • Placement of Attachment Button next to Typing Text field add cherry to the cake with much convenient placement of attachment and camera button
  • Two Step Authorization that secures your WhatsApp from being illegally used by someone else is alos one of the interesting feature that got incorporated with Latest WhatsApp Update

Not only this, WhatsApp Web also got an update after which you can send messages directly to new contacts from Laptop or Computer itself.
How To Get Latest WhatsApp Update Manually

  1. Go to PlayStore and search for WhatsApp, and check if you have any Update pending. If not then one can manually Update your device with the Latest WhatsApp beta Update from here. [For Android]
  2. iOS or iPhone and Windows Users can respectively go to their App store and check for the new updates available that are packed with major UI improvements on WhatsApp.

This was the best method to get WhatsApp Beta App officially on your smartphone and enjoy all the latest features that are being revealed in the future updates of WhatsApp in 2017.

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