Clay for face, body and hair

From Arab countries are much ancient beauty traditions Take, for example henna, argan oil, mint tea and Kohl. Rassoul is another tradition that originates from Morocco. This beauty ritual is less known in the Western world, which is entirely unjustified. Rassoul is a clay that can be, with wonderful results. Used for different purposes or powder

What is Rassoul

Rassoul is available in Arab countries everywhere as clay pieces or powder. Rassoul clay is what comes out of volcanoes. The origin is in Morocco and many Moroccan women use this product for years for their grooming. In the Netherlands there Rassoul in Arab shops or online. It is a natural product which can be used in the hair, or as body care as a facial mask. It contains no perfume, alcohol or soap and can therefore be used as a shampoo, shower scrub, shower gel, soap or body lotion and is a great alternative for people with skin allergies.

How to use Rassoul

Rassoul you can buy in powder or clay form and is therefore also prepare in different ways for different purposes. Shampoo So mix your rassoul (powder or clay) with water or rose water if you want to use it in your hair as a shampoo. Hair Mask For hair mask you can mix rassoul (powder or clay) with oil, water or rose water and this in your hair massage and leave for a few hours and then wash. Face If you want to use rassoul as a facial mask you can make the best use of the powder version and mix it with honey, mashed banana or mashed advocade. Also mix with water or rose water a good face mask. Spread on your face and leave it for good. You can also mix it with for example, only oil, or just mashed banana and only afterwards with cotton wool soaked in rose water on your face to remove. Body Scrub When you mix rassoul powder (roses), water, sugar or salt you can use as a face or body scrub. Be careful with exfoliating your face because sugar and salt can be hard on your face.

What does Rassoul

Rassoul has naturally peel effect. It is onstmettend for both your skin and your hair. It removed dead skin cells leaving your skin is perfectly clean and smooth look. When you use rassoul for your hair will shine it, it is soft, it makes your hair stronger and less falls out so you have thicker hair over time. It is soap free so people with skin allergies can confidently use this stuff. If face mask works calming, purifying and relaxing. It causes sebum production neutralizes and you get a soft, lovely peach skin. It removed dead skin cells leaving your skin radiant and healthy looking. For your body works also purifying, relaxing and slimmed the body in a natural way. Also you scrub here the dead skin cells from your body leaving your skin softer and smoother look.

Fun Facts rassoul


Rassoul you can buy online in readymade masks, creams or lotions. This is for everyone who goes for convenience. Can not be said with clarity that no other substances such as alcohol or perfume is processed here in example. Note here also if you suffer from allergies. For security, you could make it easy because it takes no effort and it is fun when you have a fun girls night with your girlfriends yourself! Rassoul powder and clay form is now available in the Netherlands in many stores and so easy to obtain.