Link and Banner Exchange

Welcome to The Blogging, the blog that discusses tutorials/tips on blogging, SEO and various news content for free. Previously, I would like to thank those of you who have been willing to visit this blog. This page is a special page link exchange, where this page I put a link into a blogger friend who has been willing to exchange links with my blog.

Link and Banner exchange

Link exchange aims to expand and the friendship among fellow bloggers. Besides the exchange of links is also one part of SEO optimization of Page useful to increase the number of backlinks to our blog. So to do a link exchange we can get two benefits at once. So what are you waiting, let’s exchange links.

Terms Swap links:

1. Put the link my first

2. If you do not mind, please follow my blog and I’ll follow back your blog

3. I do not accept link exchanges with a blog/website that contains content of  Bad things.

Terms Link Exchange:

A. Please put my first blog link on your blog

Please copy-paste the script code below:

<a  href = “”  title = “Leet Blogger | All You Neet To know About Blogging”  rel = “dofollow”>Leet Blogger</a >

For Banner:

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Leet Blogger | All You Neet To know About Blogging” src=”” title=”Leet Blogger | All You Neet To know About Blogging” /></a>

Your link will be below


Link Exchange

Banner Exchange

Leet Blogger | All You Neet To know About Blogging

  1. If my blog link has been Add correctly on your blog, please Contact Me so I can place your link to this blog as soon as possible
  2. Then I’ll check your blog, link me to certain whether it is Added correctly or Not
  3. Then I would also check the status of my links, if those links are “dofollow” or “nofollow”
  4. If it was found that the link you post is “DoFollow” I would be happy to put your link in my blog. But if not found, I will never put your link in my blog.
  5. I give a 1-week period you put a link to me, and if in one week I have a link you put on your blog, then I also would not put your link on my blog
  6. I will also continue to control where my link on your blog, if one day you delete my link, then I also will remove your link on my blog


Such regulations must in order to exchange links with this blog. Thank you for your cooperation.
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